Does teeth whitening work?

Teeth whitening works best for people with yellow teeth and is less effective for people with brown teeth. If your teeth are gray or purple, teeth whitening probably won't work at all. To make sure that teeth whitening is worth your time and money, talk to your dentist before using an over-the-counter teeth whitening kit. That depends on the treatment and the teeth.

Genetics, hygiene, and previous dental work can play an important role. Whitening, for example, doesn't work on crowns or veneers. There are some possible short-term side effects, such as tooth sensitivity. And the long-term effects are yet to be determined.

But in general, dentists say it works as long as you don't get carried away. Keep in mind that everyone's teeth are different and that effectiveness and side effects will vary from person to person. If you do your research on teeth whitening, you'll find that there are a wide variety of products and claims to the way they work. In reality, there are only two ways to whiten your teeth.

If a product doesn't fall into one of these categories, you shouldn't expect noticeable results. If the spots are more noticeable, you may want to try an at-home whitening kit or talk to your dentist about in-office whitening sessions. If it's been on your mind for a while, this honest laser teeth whitening review inspires you to take the plunge. There are several options and factors to consider when choosing the best teeth whitening products for you.

These toothpastes are also wonderful for maintaining a white smile after performing true teeth whitening. Some teeth whitening methods can cause uncomfortable side effects, especially tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. Lowenberg partner Brian Kantor, DDS, did the honors of my first session, applying bleach to my teeth and explaining the process to me. Home whitening kits can take the form of a gel or paste that is applied to the teeth with a brush or in the form of adhesive strips.

By avoiding acidic foods and drinks, you will preserve the thickness of your enamel, helping you maintain a whiter appearance of your teeth. Whitening products also often contain fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent future staining. According to Kantor, these sensations were normal and were signs of my teeth being sensitive to the high percentage of hydrogen peroxide. Some whitening products aim to remove extrinsic stains from teeth, while others simply whiten intrinsic and extrinsic stains to make them appear lighter in color.

If you'd rather know what you're up to when you're trying something new, keep scrolling to read everything professionals want you to know about professional laser teeth whitening. If you have minor stains on your teeth, consider adding whitening toothpaste or mouthwash to your oral care routine. A mouth guard can keep the whitening agent on the teeth to increase their absorption and limit the amount of the whitening solution that comes into contact with gyms. However, they also do not keep the active ingredient in the teeth for an extended period of time to allow for change.

By talking to your dentist, you'll find out precisely what type of discoloration you have, what caused it, and the best teeth whitening products to use in your particular case.

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