How long do whitened teeth last?

Because there is such a wide range of whitening options, average teeth whitening results can last between six months and three years. However, in most cases, people tend to have results that last about a year. The effects of teeth whitening can last up to 2-3 years or as little as 6 months. It varies from person to person.

If you maintain good oral hygiene, an in-office (or in-office) procedure should provide lasting results for 1 to 3 years. Some in-office whitening treatments can last between 6 months and 3 years with proper care. After whitening, your teeth will always be lighter than their original color. If you have undergone a deep whitening treatment, they will stay white for life as long as you follow the maintenance routine of easy touch-ups at home.

As for the duration of take-home tray results, the answer varies for each person. In general, results will last six to eight months. In some cases, results can last up to a year. One of the main factors that dictate how long teeth will stay white after a procedure is the type of whitening treatment performed.

It's not bad to whiten your teeth as long as you choose a safe method and practice dental care regularly. How long you can expect teeth whitening to last depends on the type of whitener you are using. Your dentist will take the time to build a fully customized teeth whitening tray for your unique mouth. Then, somewhere in between, you have take-home teeth whitening kits supplied by your friendly local dentist.

By using whitening products such as toothpaste on a daily basis, you can prolong the brightened appearance of your teeth. Get answers to your questions about teeth whitening during an in-person appointment with Scott Greenhalgh, DDS. Finally, at the other end of the scale, you can opt for professional in-office teeth whitening performed by your dentist in the dental clinic. The desire for a bright, white smile has caused many people to try over-the-counter teeth whitening with less than satisfactory results.

Whitening pens are small plastic tubes containing bleaching gel that can be carried and used to remove spot stains. It's definitely a good idea to look at all of your available teeth whitening options, as this allows you to understand which of the many options will work best for you. When used correctly, high-quality whitening strip brands can remove both extrinsic and minor intrinsic stains by whitening teeth to a whiter color. Teeth whitening is a popular practice, as it helps eliminate stains, reduce yellowing and brighten the tone of teeth, allowing for a more attractive smile.

Many people explore in-store teeth whitening options because they're affordable and easy. Because there are many grades when it comes to tooth color, it's important for everyone who wants whiter teeth to know what tooth color will be right for their teeth. Some of the best at-home teeth whitening options meet ADA acceptance for lightening deeper surface and stains.

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