Is it worth getting teeth whitened?

The good news is that professional teeth whitening is suitable for most people with permanent teeth and good oral health. If you don't experience gum sensitivity or gum recession, you may be less sensitive to chemicals in whitening procedures. Also, it works well for people with stubborn, yellowish spots, but it may not always whiten brownish and grayish spots. Whitening treatments are a great option for people who haven't had any previous work done on their front teeth; tooth-colored fillings, crowns, and plugs can't be whitened like the rest of their teeth.

You can always check with your dentist to find out if you are a good candidate and to get more teeth whitening options available to you. Many over-the-counter whitening products aren't as effective because their chemistry is too weak and you can't whiten your teeth long enough, or they're too strong and dangerous to use and ingest. Professional teeth whiteners are safe, effective and are performed under the supervision of a dental professional. In most cases, it's worth the extra cost of visiting the dentist for safe, long-lasting results.

Unfortunately, professional teeth whitening won't permanently remove stains from your teeth. Your teeth will return to normal again and follow-up appointments may be needed for teeth whitening. If your goal is to get a bright, white smile, teeth whitening may be a safe option. However, it's important to first talk to a dentist about your options and research.

Teeth whitening products, whether it's an over-the-counter option you use at home or a professional treatment, can be effective and safe, if used correctly. However, if you want to continue to consume them regularly, there are ways you can protect your smile and teeth. If you already have sensitive teeth, you may want to consult your dentist before considering teeth whitening. Just as some drinks can cause teeth to stain, certain foods can also make teeth less white.

You can take steps to keep your teeth shiny and not have to use teeth whitening products as often. Foods such as coffee, soda, and tea can leave your teeth dark or yellow after you've consumed a lot. If your teeth aren't heavily stained, you can leave the dentist in an hour with a bright, white smile. The cost of at-home teeth whitening kits and professional procedures varies by brand and practice.

The changes may be temporary and may be reversed after a person stops using teeth whitening products. Using a straw when drinking beverages that are known to stain teeth can help prevent your teeth from absorbing the acids and colors found in drinks. If your teeth are still slightly yellow after professional teeth whitening, that doesn't mean it didn't work. Extreme teeth grinding can break teeth, destroy dental work, lead to jaw pain and morning headaches, and cause discomfort from sleeping partners.

If you're looking for a quick, effective, and safe way to whiten your teeth, the cost of the procedure is definitely worth the pity.

Ernest Oesterling
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