Will tooth whitening work on fillings?

Crowns & Fillings don't react to chemical teeth whiteners Unlike your natural teeth, the peroxide used to whiten your teeth doesn't react to your tooth-colored crown or filling material. They cannot be whitened and will always stay the same shade, even if you whiten the rest of your teeth. The fact that people don't have to worry about damage to their dental treatments is good news. Unfortunately, even the most successful whitening solution will not improve the color of dental fillings.

Therefore, a person with fillings the color of their teeth would probably notice a difference after whitening. In that case, the person can visit the dentist to have the fillings replaced. Are you considering teeth whitening treatments to eliminate discoloration from your teeth? Do you also have restorations such as fillings, veneers, or dental crowns in your mouth? Teeth whitening procedures are not effective on dental restorations because they are stain resistant anyway. Even your teeth whitening dentist will warn you about this dilemma, especially if you intend to get veneers or crowns after improving the appearance of your teeth.

While whitening won't change the look of metal fillings, patients have another option. Metal fillings (also called amalgam fillings) can be removed and replaced with a tooth-colored material. These composite fillings are generally considered safer for the mouth and also provide a more subtle appearance for patients. It's a great way to improve your smile while protecting your oral health.

With regard to tooth-colored dental fillings, some patients find a marginal level of success with teeth whitening. This is not because the fill material changes color. Success is related to the change in the color of the surrounding natural tooth structure. Depending on the size and position of the filling material, you can achieve general tooth whitening based on reflection of the whitened tooth structure in the relatively transparent filling.

If you want to remove discoloration from your teeth, it would be helpful to whiten your teeth before having restorations done. Because of tooth decay in my front tooth, my dentist told me that if I was going to whiten my teeth I should do it soon, before the fillings were placed. You can have the fillings fitted, whiten your teeth, and then replace the fillings to match the correct color. If a dentist recently gave you teeth whitening trays to take home, it's essential that you use them as directed.

Your dentist will certainly recommend that you wait at least two weeks before scheduling an appointment to have veneers or crowns placed after your teeth whitening treatment. I suppose your dentist wouldn't recommend that you whiten your teeth ahead of time if you thought your cavities were deep enough to cause a problem. Ann's ability to work with precision and her commitment to excellence allow her to eliminate dental work and leave the entire dental structure healthy. However, if you undergo teeth whitening treatments before having restorations, you are likely to show two different colors in your mouth that won't look pleasant.

To successfully whiten your teeth, you must keep the whitening product in contact with the natural tooth surface for a minimum amount of time. Although teeth whitening products have advanced in the last 20 years, they still don't alter the color of dental fillings. Dental restorations, such as tooth-colored fillings, crowns, and veneers, are made of an extremely durable material that is stain resistant and will not be affected by whitening agents in teeth whitening treatments. Another option is to guess the level of whitening you will achieve with your teeth and make the fillings that color.

The situation may seem like a dilemma, but you have the option to discuss the matter with your dentist and follow their advice on when or how to get restorations after undergoing teeth whitening treatments. .

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