Which teeth whitening actually works?

True to their professional-level whitening claim, these white strips from Crest are GH Beauty Lab's gold standard for brightening up the smile. Laboratory evaluations found that, after 20 days of daily use, teeth were whitened in two to four noticeable shades. The strips simply stick to the teeth and can be used during daily activities for added comfort. My teeth were stained and after using this product, I was surprised that one person thought my teeth were false because they were so white and some asked me what I had done, one reviewer marveled.

This easy-to-use Crest teeth whitening gel with a spatula applicator delivers real whitening effects in a single day, with no rinsing required. He whitened my sensitive teeth painlessly around two shades for one day, the difference is remarkable, amazed, GH Beauty Lab senior chemist Sabina Wizemann. It stood still, and after a minute or two, I didn't even feel it. The most popular home teeth whitening method is also the most effective, according to Layliev, who recommends using Crest Whitestrips.

All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Once you have a kit, Dr. Messina says you can use it for seven to 10 days to start, and then once every two weeks or so for maintenance.

However, before doing so, consider making a visit to the dentist for your standard dental cleaning and to consult about your home whitening plans. Once you have that conversation, consider one of these over-the-counter kits. A personalized take-home tray from your dentist is the most ideal scenario, but you can get these boil and bite trays, which you can (at least a little) mold for your teeth, at pharmacies. Just make sure you follow all the instructions and let the tray cool enough that you don't get burned when you put it in your mouth.

If you're having trouble finding trays that fit your mouth well, these tighter wrappers from Walgreens might work. Cosmetic Dentist based in New York City, Pia Lieb, D, S. This whitening solution comes with trays and an LED light to comfortably whiten upper and lower teeth, he says. It also contains 35 percent carbamide peroxide (most dental offices use a 40 percent peroxide formula), which is a testament to the excellent results this product produces.

If the Smile Brilliant professional teeth whitening kit seems like a serious business, it's because it's. It's practically a dentist's office in a box, without the soft rock Pandora station playing in the background. These custom trays fit the teeth correctly and allow better contact of the whitening material with the tooth, dentist Marc Sclafani, based in New York City, D, S. You even have the option of choosing a normal or sensitive tooth version of the carbamide peroxide formula, the latter of which comes with a special desensitizing gel.

If you want to achieve a whiter smile in an hour or less, then this kit from Crest is something you should try. Brian Harris, Resident Dentist in Arizona, D, S. “For those who want really fast results, these are great, as they are applied once a day for a week and activated with a blue light during each application that works overtime to give you a whiter smile,” he tells Allure. Harris is a fan of Colgate's Optic White home teeth whitening kit, which combines LED whitening light with blue light technology to activate the stain remover hydrogen peroxide gel that is applied to the teeth through its refillable tray.

Soothing Bath & Shower Oil Refill in Eco Refill, Size 6.7 oz. If that's not in your budget, the good news is that over-the-counter teeth whitening products have come a long way, and the results now rival those provided by professionals. In reality, the most effective way to whiten teeth is in the dentist's office; however, it's expensive and inaccessible to many people. Also, beware of beauty “fads” or do-it-yourself approaches to whitening your teeth, which can have negative side effects, such as reducing tooth hardness or increasing your sensitivity.

Founded by Swiss dentists Golnar and Haleh Abivardi, VVardis innovative toothpaste, mouthwash and brilliant whitening gel are housed in elegant Instagram-worthy glass bottles and tubes, and deliver on the promise of stronger, whiter and brighter teeth. After brushing with the sustainable toothbrush and rinsing with the mouthwash, brush the vegan gel-serum onto your teeth for instant whitening results. With these guidelines in mind, here are the best teeth whitening products to try according to dental professionals. In addition, you may often have the need to brush your teeth immediately after consuming heavily pigmented foods and drinks, or right after eating a normal meal, but Layliev cautions against this, as it can wear out your teeth too much.

At-home teeth whitening kits can save you money, time, and allow you to regularly re-whiten as needed (also known as your coffee and red wine habit). These whitening trays also use hydrogen peroxide gel and blue LED light trays, which, according to the brand, will help the whitening ingredient remove stains more effectively. There's no doubt that Crest Whitestrips is one of the most recognized over-the-counter teeth whitening systems available. GH Beauty Lab tests found that when used twice a day, the kit whitened the teeth of 90% of testers in just two days.

Start by brushing your teeth to ensure that the gel pen evenly distributes the whitening serum over the surface of your teeth, apply the gel, and then insert the LED light activator, which conveniently connects directly to your phone. Sutera explained, whitening your teeth and then having a glass of red wine is like two people in a canoe paddling in different directions. With that little chemistry lesson out of the way, let's enter the vast world of at-home teeth whitening. For those looking for an effective solution to brighten their teeth at home, the best whitening kits can be an ideal option for a more radiant smile.

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